Don’t Know How To Use That IPad? Keep Reading!

In the world of technology used for personal tasks and business chores, the iPad stands out from the crowd. Knowledge will let you get all you can out of the iPad. Use the following advice to become an iPad expert.

Turn down the brightness for extended battery life. This can be really helpful to you if you are out and about with no place to recharge, or you are waiting on a vital communication coming in. To turn down screen brightness, try double-tapping your Home icon and looking for the sun icon.

Many people are annoyed by the on-screen indicator listing how much charge their battery holds. Luckily, it is easily removed. Use the settings app and navigate to General > Usage. Turn it off! However, if you want to turn this feature back on, perform the same steps again.

The volume buttons may not work. If this is happening, go to settings > general > sounds. If you have the settings for Change on you can use all of the buttons. You can use the slider to change the volume, too.

Your can choose to have the lock key on your iPad either mute the volume or lock your iPad’s orientation. This is a new feature on the newer iPads. Any iPad that runs on iOS 4.3 or above will have this feature. The volume decrease button is also a mute button.

You have other options besides the on-screen keyboard. That is a great thing for people who have trouble with it. Just buy a BlueTooth keyboard for use with iPad. Then you can type just as if you were using a laptop.

Are you getting annoyed every time your iPad asks you if you would like to join a wifi network it detected? This feature can by turned off by adjusting your iPad settings. If you would rather not be prompted, you can click the Wi-Fi button and you will not have to deal with this anymore.

Are you interesting in reading PDF files on the iPad? Simply send them to your email and then open them through iBooks. Another option is to use the iTunes app on your desktop or laptop by syncing your iPad.

Are you annoyed by how often your iPad asks you to connect to WiFi networks? You can stop this by going to settings. Opt out of the Ask To Join setting. Select that and you will no longer be bugged by all of the incoming invites.

If you plan to use your iPad to stream movies, play games or listen to music continuously, battery life may be shortened significantly. If you lessen the brightness of the screen, you can get more from your battery. You may find you can enjoy your iPad without using the brightest setting possible.

Text can be copied and pasted on your iPad. Tap on the text and hold to copy. Next choose select for the text you would like to copy. Tap again once your text is highlighted in yellow, and choose copy. Finally, to paste the text, hold at the target location and choose “paste” from the popup menu.

Look into external iPad keyboards. If you plan on typing on your iPad a lot, you could save a lot of time by getting one of these keyboards. The keyboards typically connect wirelessly, and they are easier to use than the onscreen keyboard that your iPad comes with.

There is now a quick and easy way to mute your iPad. When the iPad first came out, you couldn’t quickly mute it. Prior to iOS 4.3 you had to use the lock switch to mute the sound or lock your iPad’s orientation. Just tap and hold volume-down to quickly mute sound.

Double-click the Home button if you want access to all of the actively running apps. You will then see a bar that has icons for each app that is running. Pressing an icon will allow you to access an app. Doing so lets you remember which apps are currently open.

When you are using an iPad, copying text to the clipboard is very simple. All you need to do is double-tap the text you want to copy. That being said, it’s difficult to copy an entire paragraph if you use this method. Tap your editable, chosen text and that will copy the entire paragraph. In addition to paragraphs, this method works well for the URL bar and addresses.

You can change the default search engine to something besides Google if you wish. Just click on Settings, then Safari and then Search Engine. Then you can change your default search engine to one of the options provided.

Use tabs to multitask when surfing the Web. You do not need to leave the site you’re on in order to go to a link. Instead of tapping on a link, hold it and you will have access to a menu. You can then choose to open a link in another tab, which allows you to keep the current page open.

You should turn on the iPad finding feature in case you lose your iPad. It will let you know exactly where your iPad is located and it will allow you to delete any information on it from a remote location. If you ever need to use this app, it will become indispensable.

If there is personal data stored on an iPad, backup all of the information in case of a future emergency. In addition, it’s possible to set the iPad to eliminate all information when someone attempts to use it. Under the “Password Lock” feature, select the general settings tab, and click to delete information if an incorrect password is entered into your device 10 times.

iPads provide technology to anyone who can afford them. With all of the features the iPad has, it’s like you can do anything you want with this device. Follow the advice given above and you’ll witness the amazing capabilities of the iPad for yourself.

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