Enjoy Your IPhone Even More With These Great Tips

Some consider the iPhone as the best invention since the electric light. Why does everyone love the iPhone? Read on for an answer. You may just discover something you did not know you could do, or something you hoped to do.

Use your phone to send pictures to your family and friends. You have two options for this. One way is saving the image and adding it in attachment form to a message or email. Another way is uploading it straight to Facebook.

Upgrade your operating system with the latest version. The iPhone has become as sophisticated as many computers. Occasionally, the operating system needs to have fixes and security updates downloaded to protect it. Updates are especially important if you use or access personal information while on your phone.

If you need to hide your phone number from a person that you are calling, there is a setting for that. Go to Settings, tap the button that says Phone, press Show Caller ID and change that setting so that it says OFF. This allows you to access your number if you are unsure or have not learned it yet.

Your iPhone will also you to very quickly retrieve your iPod and other favored features. Just go into your settings, and then click on general. Finally, tap the home button. Once here, you can double click the options you are wanting to make more unique. Following these steps allows you to easily customize your phone.

Always update your firmware for your iPhone when you can. This increases your iPhone’s usability and battery life. The easiest way to do this is to connect your iPhone to a computer that has iTunes downloaded on it. Alternately, you can use iCloud to connect your phone to your Apple computer.

In order to mark one of your emails as unread through your iPhone, you must locate the command for it because it isn’t on there by default. Simply hit “details” and find the “unread” feature which will cause your email to appear as unread when you next return to it.

There are options for scrolling through your contacts with fingers; however, there is also a way to do so without flicking through the contacts. Simply hold a finger on the list of names in your contacts. Slide your finger up and down the list for a simpler method of scrolling. This way you can have more control while looking at your contact list.

As you type on your iPhone, tap on the space bar twice when done with the sentence. This can instantly insert a period, along with a space as well. This will prevent you from changing to the “123” key menu and save you some time.

Use the iPhone to your advantage by learning the tricks associated with it. Delete unwanted emails by pulling your finger over the message and deleting it.

If you’d like to hear a sound each time you press a character while texting, turn keyboard clicks on via your iPhone’s sounds section. You can avoid errors more easily because you can hear when each character registers.

There is a large dictionary that comes on your iPhone. This can be used with just about any app. Simply hold your finger down on any word and choose “Define” when the options bar appears.

Think about buying an app for battery management. There are a few available that can inform you of when you use too much power and how you can reduce it to save battery life. They’ll help you extend your battery’s lifetime too, by reminding you of when your battery needs calibrating.

Increase the speed of messaging by using this trick. Tapping away from the suggestion box can cancel this entirely. You need not close it using the small “x”.

If you like finding out the weather, you can toggle between current conditions and six-day forecasts by swiping right and left. The Weather app can also be accessed by tapping the weather bar while on the notifications screen.

Tag email account on the iPhone so that you can quickly get to your messages. This is very important as you can get instant notifications whenever you get a message and will be able to view messages immediately on your phone. You can tag one or various email accounts to your iPhone.

Choosing your unique ringtone is another benefit of the iPhone. Don’t be like everyone else and use standard ringtones. Upload a beloved song or sound byte. This will allow your iPhone to stand out from the crowd.

It is usually easy to navigate a web page on your iPhone, but it can still take a while to go back to the top on longer pages. Well, now that is no longer necessary. Clicking the top of your screen where the status bar is, will bring you right back to the beginning of the page. You can use this on any long screen as well.

Taking full advantage of the iPhone’s multimedia abilities will let you get more from your device. You can enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies or funny clips when you are on the go. You will never be bored again!

You don’t need to press X every time AutoCorrect attempt to make a correction. Simple tap away on your screen to eliminate this alteration. That closes the box for you, a much faster solution.

With your iPhone, you can take a screenshot whenever the desire strikes you. Simply push the home and the power button together. Don’t press them too long, because if you hold them down for a while, you’ll get other effects. When you do this, your phone will take a picture of your screen and will send it straight to your images folder.

As you may have picked up from this article, it seems like everyone owns an iPhone. You may have heard the hype and questioned it. Hopefully, this article has made it clear why the iPhone is as amazing as everyone says it is.

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