Quick And Easy Tips To Get The Most From Your New IPhone

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Have you ever tried using an iPhone? These devices can do a lot if you know how to use them properly. Regardless of whether you are an iPhone user or just someone who is thinking of making a purchase, this article can be beneficial to you.

If your iPhone is wet, consider using rice. You should of course avoid dropping your iPhone in water. Rather than trying to dry out your device with a blow dryer, wipe the outside with an absorbent cloth, and place the phone into a bowl or bag filled with dry rice. After several hours, the rice will have absorbed all of the water.

You can find any place with your iPhone. If you find yourself in need of directions, you can always use the map feature as a GPS. This makes it easier to locate businesses like gas stations or restaurants. You can bookmark the map feature for easy access on your phone.

You can even take pictures with the headphone cord. Start off by getting the picture you want and put it in the frame. When the picture is ready to go, engage the cord’s button. This will take the picture. If you want to save it, just do what you would normally do to save a photo.

Take full advantage of your iPhone by using its multimedia capabilities. It’s no trouble at all to download video clips from the Internet or even whole TV shows to your phone, putting a little miniaturized entertainment center in your pocket wherever you go.

When sending an email or typing in a note and do not want to use the suggested iPhone words, there is no need to tap the X to get rid of the suggestion box. Just tap the screen at any area and the words will be eliminated.

Now that you read the information above you likely have learned something about what an iPhone can do that you did not know before. Use what you have learned to enjoy your phone more or make the decision to buy one today.

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