Some Of The Many Benefits Offered By The IPhone

An iPhone is a great device that offers many uses. It is used as an organizer, a phone and even for entertainment. There are so many ways to make the iPhone personal to you, and suit your own needs. Try the tips in the article to help you master the device.

Siri allows you to establish reminder notifications based on your location. No longer do you need to give Siri a time to remind you of a specific task. It will call you when you get home. Your phone will detect where you are and tell you about whatever reminder you set. You can remind yourself even if you are unsure of the time you will get home.

You can get through contacts with your fingers, but you can do something else that does not require flicking. Place one of your fingers on the area of the alphabetical list. Slide up or down with your finger. This is an easy and controlled way to look through all of your contacts.

Your iPhone’s Safari mobile browser will allow you to do just about everything that you would be able to do on a regular Internet browser. When you find an image you want to keep, simply tap it and hold. The context menu pops up, and you can save the picture to the Camera Roll on your phone. You can also copy the photo into a message.

You don’t have to worry about your phone shaking when taking a photo with your iPhone. You can do this with your headphones by pushing the volume button. Keep your hand steady and focus on the object you are trying to capture. This is a very convenient feature. Simply use the buttons on the cord when you want to take a photo.

There may be times that you are interrupted by a notification when you are doing work on your iPhone. If this interrupts you from time to time, this can be a hassle. It is simple to close the notification and get back to your original task. Simply swipe away the pop-up bar that appears near the top of the screen.

Get new tones! Apple now allows you to set custom tones for texts, voicemail, calendar alerts, email, tweets and more. You can conveniently purchase new tones any time by scrolling to the very top of the sound menu.

The range and versatility of the iPhone is one of its major advantages. It can become a universal remote if you have the free app called BlinqTV. This will allow your iPhone to control some TVs, receivers and DVD players. There is also an option to set a reminder that lets you know when all your favorite TV shows are on.

Are you interested in having different, unique iPhone alert tones? You can make custom alert tones by doing this. In your Settings, go to Sounds. Choose a different alert. From there, choose the option that allows you to purchase additional tones.

The standard Weather app on your iPhone is a great source for all the weather information you need. You can get a breakdown of the weather for the twelve hours ahead with the weather application. Siri can also let you know about the condition of the weather that is quickly approaching as well.

As with a lot of smartphones, the iPhone allows you to see a visual indication of your incoming messages and calls. For silent but prominent notifications, you can make your iPhone’s LED camera flash blink whenever a message or call comes in. Head to Settings, then General, then click on Accessibility. From here, it’s easy to program your LED Flash option.

You may benefit from an app for battery management. There are a number of these apps available, and each can help you determine which features and functions use the most battery life; they can also help you figure out what changes to make in order to extend the battery’s life. These apps can also show when you need calibration. This will allow you to ensure the health of your battery.

If your iPhone freezes up and cannot be revived by pressing Sleep/Wake button, try doing a hard reset so you can get back in working order. You will want to press the home key and the sleep button at the same time. The iPhone will initiate a shutdown and restart, solving the problem.

Are you tired of the many notifications that come in on your iPhone? To stop them, do the following. The first step is selecting the settings button, next select the notifications bar. Go to the “In Notification Center”; look at all the apps and remove any that you do not use. This will also add to the life of the phone’s battery.

The Find My iPhone application makes it easy to locate a lost or stolen device on a map. This app is free, so there’s no reason not to use it! You have to be registered before you lose it. A message can be displayed or a loud ring can occur if it happens to be lost underneath the couch. If you fear that your phone was stolen, you can remotely lock your phone or wipe all of the data.

Link up your device with the time management system on your laptop or desktop. This way, you can easily refer to your schedule, even if you are away from the computer. If you have a lot of important events for school or work, this can be a very beneficial function.

The calculator is a very valuable function on the iPhone. When holding the phone vertically the calculator is a standard one, but hold your phone horizontally and you get a scientific calculator.

As stated above, an iPhone has many built in features that make it much more than just a phone. Your iPhone may even do more than you were aware of. Use the advice above to make you iPhone all that it can be.

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