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Thinking About Getting An IPhone? Here Are Some Reasons To Avoid It!

If you are new to a smart phone, you may not know exactly how to install the applications that you want to install. This article has many tips to help you get the apps you need on your iPhone.

When you’re looking for in-depth information on your iPhone, go straight to the source. Apple offers a variety of useful tutorials. The tutorials can guide you along the way, step by step, so that you are not at a loss of what to do with your phone. Whenever you need help, look at the tutorials again and you’ll get what you need form your phone.

Whenever you drop your iPhone into water, which is very possible to eventually happen, do not turn it on immediately to see if it is okay. Instead, remove as much water as possible from the device, then allow it to dry overnight. Activating a wet phone can short circuit it permanently.

If your iPhone is lost or stolen, the Find My iPhone application, which is free, can help you find your phone on a map. Make sure that you register for this app immediately upon purchase. There are also options for the phone to emit a loud ring should it simply be misplaced around the house. You can simply delete or lock any information on the phone if you think it has been stolen.

If you download an application that will let you upload your files to the iPhone, you can utilize it as a device for storage. This allows you to add different types of multimedia to your iPhone. Simply plug the iPhone into your computer to get instant access to files. Or, you could even open the right from the iPhone.

If your iPhone screen is frozen, try holding the “home” button for 5 seconds. Your iPhone should reboot. In the event that this does not do the trick, simultaneously depress the Home and power buttons for 12 seconds. Only used the second method in the event that the first one is unable to resolve the problem.

Pick a ringtone you like. The standard ringtones blend in with other Iphone users and makes you just one of the crowd. It’s easy to get a distinctive ringtone by uploading a sound file or a song that you love. People’s heads will turn when your phone rings.

Do not expose your iPhone device to the sun as this can cause damage. If you leave your iPhone out in the sun for hours, you might ruin it for good. The device’s internals are designed for normal weather conditions, not for extreme ones, and direct sunlight may cause damage, especially during hotter months.

You should be using your iPhone to share and send photos to your family and friends. You have two easy options for accomplishing this. The easiest way is to simply click on your Facebook application for sharing images on your page, or to tag others in the picture, or you can attach it to an email for those that are not on Facebook.

Hard reset your iPhone if it gets frozen. Press on the sleep button and the home button at the same time. This button combo will cause the phone to shut down and restart, which should get your phone back to working order.

Enhance your music experience by changing the icons displayed on the screen bottom. Tap the settings button and choose ‘add more icons’. You will be able to create many different icons and access your favorite songs, albums, genres or artists through these personalized icons.

You may find it useful to turn on audio feedback for text entry on your iPhone. All you need to to is turn on the “Keyboard Clicks” option in your phone’s sound settings. Hearing the clicks can reduce your typing errors because you know when your phone reads the key sections.

Taking full advantage of your iPhone’s multimedia capabilities just makes good sense! You can use your iPhone download TV series episodes, movies, funny clips or anything else you desire.

Don’t store videos that you’re never going to watch again on your iPhone. After you complete a video, you can save it or throw it in the trash. Doing so will let you save storage space.

You should be sure to update your iPhone each time a new update is available. This will allow you to have fixes for software and updates for your phone. Updates also allow you to save your photos and important files to your computer.

You should stay calm if your iPhone freezes up. First, try using the “Sleep/Wake” button to bring up the screen. The second solution is to press the home button and the sleep/wake button at the same time. That will reset your phone, but then it will power up again in just moments.

You can easily get custom sounds that please and amaze you to use with your iPhone. With Apple’s technology, anyone can pick out ringtones from their favorite tunes to set custom tones for tweets, texts, voicemails, emails, reminders, and more. Find the tone that you like on the sounds menu to buy the one that you prefer, as it will immediately add in.

The iPhone has a great option for those who need a bigger keyboard to type. It is, however, not necessary to purchase a larger keyboard. Move your iPhone horizontally, which will increase the size of your keys. The larger keyboard allows you to have more speed and efficiency when typing.

Your iPhone can be used to quickly pull up current weather conditions and a six-day forecast. Simply swipe left or right from the home screen. You can also easily access the weather app just by tapping the weather bar when you’re on the notifications screen.

You should now be armed with knowledge to find all the coolest new apps on the web for your iPhone. You also learned more about downloading, installing and using apps. You can now utilize your iPhone to the best of its efficiency.

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