Thinking About Getting An IPhone? Here Are Some Reasons To Avoid It!

Nowadays, lots of people own an iPhone. However, many of them just aren’t aware how to effectively make use of it. You are not alone if you don’t feel like you’re getting everything you should from your iPhone. Keep reading to learn out about the ways that your iPhone can improve your life.

Have you missed an opportunity to get a great picture because your camera application was too slow to ramp up? Use this easy shortcut. With your screen in the locked position, double tap your Home button. Then you’ll see a camera icon at the bottom right. Press this icon to enable the camera.

If you are working in Safari, it is simple to initiate a phone call with a simple touch. You may be looking for a dry cleaner that is nearby. When you locate the number, you do not have to type it in to call the business. Instead, all you have to do is tap the number.

By default, your iPhone will show a preview of incoming messages on the lock screen. This might be a great feature for you, or you might prefer to keep your messages more private. If you find it annoying, you can easily turn off this feature. To disable this feature, open the message notifications under the Settings menu. You can then disable the Show Preview feature.

Don’t have too many movies saved on your iPhone. A video can use up to one gigabyte of space. If you keep more than one movie stored on your iPhone, it might slow it down considerably. Also, it may prevent apps from working properly.

The icons on your iPhone can be customized for the times you spend listening to your favorite music. Click the Settings icon and select the Add More Icons option. You can then create a number of different icons to have quick access to all your favorite musical features.

If you withhold your phone number from an individual you are calling, there’s a setting for that. In the Settings menu, select Phone, Show Caller ID, then select OFF. You can use that section to remember your phone number if it has slipped your mind.

Are multiple programs running on the iPhone, and you wish to shut them down? The fast way to get this done is to tap the “Home” button. Locate the specific app that needs to be closed and simply press it and hold. When the app icon wiggles, close it by tapping the red minus.

Is backing up your contacts something you need to do? Backing up your contact list is a snap with a dedicated backup app like iDrive Lite. It’s great that this app will not cost anything if you updated to 2.0 before beginning the process.

If you would like to have a sound verification when pressing a key, go to the keyboard clicks and select On. That will assist you in knowing that the phone is registering your taps, which ultimately helps you cut down on mistakes.

Do you get annoyed by receiving so many notifications on your iPhone? Here’s how you can turn them off. Access the Settings menu, then select the Notifications button. Review the apps under this heading. You can remove any that you wish to. The best part is that this can significantly increase your battery’s life each day.

Your iPhone has a calendar that is great to help you organize your life. You can add events faster and easier directly rather than using the + button. Simply open the “Day” view and press on the hour you want to instantly set an reminder for that time. This is fast scheduling and it saves you a lot of time!

Should your iPhone freeze up, do not be distressed. First, give the sleep/wake control a try. If that doesn’t work, try pressing the “Sleep/Wake” button along with the “Home” button. This second solution reboots the phone and restores normal function in a few minutes.

The FaceTime app is a great method for talking to others using your iPhone. With FaceTime, you can see who you are talking to in real time. If you want to use this, just go to your contact section and search for the button that says FaceTime. Tap it, and you will be able to hear and see that person.

With the iPhone, you can make up your own dictionary and shortcuts. If you are dictating to the iPhone, it will predict what you are going to say. Add as many shortcuts and phrases as you want. The autocorrect feature will help you out, too, by speeding up your typing and saving you from doing a lot of editing.

Press the sleep button if your iPhone encounters an issue and press harder to reboot your phone if it is not responsive. Press on the sleep button and the home button at the same time. The phone will shutdown and restart in order to signal everything went well.

Choosing a custom ringtone is a terrific way to optimize your iPhone. This will keep your phone from sounding just like everyone else’s, especially if they use the ringtones that come with the phone. For a truly personal experience, you can upload your all-time favorite love song or even a sound clip from your favorite movie. “Jurassic Park” ringtone, anyone? That will help get people’s attention.

You won’t need to worry about ending up on the wrong road with the iPhone. The maps app lets you see your location any time your service is active. This can help map out anywhere you want to go, whether you are traveling or want to get back home.

Although an iPhone can be pricey, it’s worth it, seeing as it can do pretty much anything a computer can do. If you have one of these phones, you already know that it is fantastic. By applying the information from this article you should be able to utilize your iPhone to its fullest potential.

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